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Why KG Creations?

I have over 20 years experience writing everything from project specifications, software and training manuals, to project plans and help files. For smaller organizations, I wrote advertising copy, press releases, newsletters, and trade journal articles along with their product documentation. I've implemented knowledge bases, designed websites, written and illustrated websites, and documented business processes. My clients and their end users have given my documentation positive feedback, and a software reviewer once praised the quality of my documentation. KG Creations will give you clear, concise documentation that your customers can understand and use.

Why hire a technical writer? Anyone can write documentation!

Writing documentation is one thing. Writing documentation that your customers can understand is another. A clear concise manual can be the difference between a product that is used and one that is returned. How often do you lose a sale because the customer can't figure out how to use your product? How many calls does your support team receive, because your customers can't find information or can't understand the answer in your help file. KG Creations will give you documentation that your customers can understand.

Customers don't buy my products for the documentation!

True. But if they can't figure out how to use your product, are they going to keep it? Will they purchase upgrades or buy more? Will they buy from you the next time, or try a competitor? How many support calls do you get? Poorly written, unorganized documentation can cost your company thousands of dollars in annual support costs. KG Creations reduces help desk costs with well written, well organized and indexed documentation.

Shouldn't developers write our documentation? They know their products the best.

Knowing a product from the developer perspective does not ensure you can explain how to use it in a way that your intended audience will understand. Familiarity with a product makes it easy to overlook steps the end user will need and to make assumptions about the user's knowledge. There is also a tendency to use jargon, terminology, and acronyms that non-experts don't know. KG Creations writes for your audience, avoids jargon, and defines terms in a language non-expert users will understand. Additionally, I can help your developers see your products from the end user's viewpoint.

Shouldn't a technical writer have qualifications in XYZ field?

That depends on the field. I have experience writing specifications for data conversion projects in hospitals, libraries, and aircraft maintenance. I have written software documentation used by engineers, auto and steel workers, teachers, bankers, quality control managers, and workers in dozens of other industries Developers should always review the documents for technical accuracy. KG Creations will work with your technical experts to ensure information accuracy.

Don't you need to be on-site?

That depends on the project. When documenting business processes, it does help if the writer is on-site with easy access to all departments. However, I've written documentation for software developed in the UK without making a trip over. All I need is a copy of the software, specs and design notes, and e-mail access to the developers. As for hardware documentation, it depends on the hardware. Although I worked on-site on a server project, I seldom saw the server before my deadlines. I used illustrated design documents and had ready access to the developers. Articles, press releases, ad copy, and web content can all be written off-site. KG Creations will provide you with high quality documentation whether the work is on- or off-site.

Aren't tech writers expensive?

Poorly written documentation increases support costs and can cause lost revenue. It can be more expensive to release a product without proper documentation than to pay a little up front for documentation. There are ways to minimize technical writing expenses; for example, advanced planning can save time, especially when development continues after writing begins. KG Creations brings you over two decades of experience planning, and managing documentation projects.